HRSMA proposes to integrate into the GFTV, amid the Association’s increasing emphasis on media

The logo of GFTV’s current parent association, the Henrusian Mascot Association (HRSMA), a Singapore-based fandom association.

In the past 8 months, HRSMA’s broadcasting wing, the Global Furry Television (GFTV), has grown a lot since inaguration into the furry fandom, so much so that it is bigger than the parent associations HRSMA (Henrusian Mascot Association) and sister association OFA (Octonauts Fandom Association) combined – with a robust infrastructure, solid regional reach and a ever-growing audience base.

The plan

What HRSMA is proposing is that the GFTV will take over as parent, and then the TFAs’ (Two Fandom Associations, referring to HRSMA and OFA) be integrated into the GFTV. With this, the associations’ projects, plans and infrastructure will be therefore be transferred to the GFTV.

The main reason for this proposed action is due to the level of activity of the TFAs, in comparison with that of GFTV – the TFAs were much dormant and not much active compared to the GFTV, where it is very active, resulting in stark contrasts between both parties in terms of infrastructure.

By integrating the TFAs into the GFTV, the TFAs can tap onto the existing audience reach through our furry broadcaster and spread their messages farther this way.

Should this be comfirmed, the GFTV would take over as the leading organisation of the existing Global Fandom Movement (GFM), which advocates for kind treatment towards fandoms and the people in it, and also the advocacy of anti gender role bias and ageism.

In the special cases of the OFA’s broadcasting wing, OFA Octovision, where they are engaged with the Octonauts Wiki, the GFTV will take over and lead the project, under the OFA’s logo. Octovision will also be integrated into GFTV Channel 1 International.

On the other hand, HRSMA, as a association, will be integrated into GFTV’s media division, where they can spread the message through the GFTV’s channels from 1 to 4 (2 to 4 is proposed).

Online platforms

Should integration happen, the GFTV will be building and growing on HRSMA’s main website, and a overhaul would happen. Or, build on a totally new website platform, leaving the websites of the TFAs aside as a memory walk.

Social media platforms for the OFA will be left dormant, except for that of HRSMA, where it will be converted to that of the GFTV.

Existing members of HRSMA?

Until we are be able to manage member structure, present-day members of HRSMA would be given a choice to whether or not stay with the GFTV post-transition since HRSMA’s inactivity causes the member system to be of not much benefit for the Association, and also could become a ‘liability’ for members.

Discussions will commence very soon.

Henry Tan (Pawsry Hamktxchuzhni, The Wolf)

Chairperson of HRSMA and OFA

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