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Making of feature film of furry documentary ‘The Fandom’ confirmed

Ash Coyote’s furry-centered documentary series ‘The Fandom’ is set to have a feature film, as their Kickstarter project has been funded, now at the USD $25,170 (SGD $34,669)* mark, which exceeded their goal of USD $20,000 (SGD $27,548).

Although funded, there is still 53 hours left to the project, which brings about possibility that the Kickstarter may reach up to one of its 2 extended goals.

Apart from this, the production team behind ‘The Fandom’ also looks forward to the second season of the documentary series, where it mainly focuses in-depth on the furry fandom’s early history, as well as the origins of the fandom becoming the internet’s first sub-culture.

Although some detractors say the documentary’s inclusion of footages showing people unsuited could lead to some negative consequences, since the series’ debut on 22nd March 2019, the series has received a massively positive response from the fandom, and has been widely praised over production quality, positive presentation of the fandom and neutral stance.

According to the production team of ‘The Fandom’, the feature film will be released between January and March next year.

You can watch the entire playlist of the series’ first season here.

*Data accurate as of time of publishing.



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