Message from the GFTV’s new USA correspondent – Ahmar Wolf

My name is Ahmar Wolf, I have been running Furry Times for a few years.

It was yesterday when I saw that Pawsy Wolf needed correspondents, I offered to help out. Although you won’t see as many posts here from me as you would do on my own site.

What I will be posting is furry news from the USA, although I do not personally attend that many fur cons I hope to cover as many as I can, and those I do attend an inside look at little stories you won’t see elsewhere.

I am also a photographer and will be posting photos that are unique to the venue…what does that exactly mean? Quiet moments and the unexpected as I do rather favor candid photos. Nothing that isn’t SFW and will not embarrass anyone I promise.

If anyone wants to share with me local furry events that you wish to see covered Please email me at

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