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Kickstarter of furry documentary ‘The Fandom’ successfully raised more than U$30K

Just today, the Kickstarter project for furry-centered documentary series ‘The Fandom’ have successfully raised U$32,125 (S$44,308.08) – which exceeded their second extended goal of U$30K.

With this amount, the production team will be able to “pursue more interviews and have the film scored professionally, as well as the making of footage with their subjects”.

All backers of this Kickstarter who donated U$50 and above would also receive a collectors’ edition fursona pin of Ash Coyote as well.

The feature film will be mainly covering in-depth on the furry fandom’s history, and then examining where the furry fandom is headed today.

This film will give you a glimpse of what makes the furry fandom so special to those who call themselves “furry”. By interviewing the individuals who pioneered the fandom, we will explore this unusual community from the ground up, uncovering the passion, creativity, and the drive the inspires its members.

The Fandom Kickstarter page

The feature film is currently in the filming phase and it will be released on January to March next year.

The Fandom Season 1:



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