Singaporean furcon Little Island Fur Con 2019 was a huge success

Held from June 8th to 9th, at Oasia Hotel Novena, the Singaporean furry convention Little Island Fur Con 2019 was a huge success, with it alone having established some of the very big firsts in the history of the Singaporean furry community:

  • First Singaporean furry convention,
  • First furcon in Asia to host Foxes and Peppers’ music concert, and
  • First Asian furcon to have Foxes and Peppers as their GOHs.

The attendee count to LIFC was surprisingly huge, counted at approximately 150 people, with one-third of them being fursuiters. It is also worthy to note that there is also quite a number of attendees from the American and European continent as well. The attendee count makes LIFC the world’s 84th largest furcon.

Source: Wikifur

Though held at a small convention space, LIFC 2019 is packed with a lot of activities and also had numerous artists at their dealers’ den as well, which included furry shirt seller Artwork Tee. Head of GFTV, Pawsry, had held his first music-oriented panel at LIFC as well.

Pepper Coyote and Fox Amoore were the GOHs of this furcon, and according to them, it was their first time suiting in the tropical climate. At their concert before the closing ceremony, they performed alongside two Singaporean furs, namely Zander Shepard (aka ZanShep) and Kazuki, showcasing popular pieces from Hashtag, Spread Thy Wings, among others.

Performers during the concert at LIFC 2019 (from left to right) Zander Shepard, Fox Amoore, Pepper Coyote and Kazuki.

According to the chairman of LIFC at the closing ceremony, he mentioned that the furcon may move out of Oasia so to accomodate the possibly larger number of attendees by LIFC 2020. More details to come in the future.

Our Singaporean central branch covered this event, and has so far published 3 videos covering the event:


Pawsry’s panel:

Fursuit Games:

A upcoming video on the concert and closing ceremony will be released soon.

LIFC is currently doing a survey, so if you are an attendee to LIFC, do join this survey!

LIFC’s website:

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