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Ash Coyote preparing furry documentary series The Fandom for broadcast

Just recently, Ash Coyote has tweeted that the production team behind furry documentary series The Fandom is “doing a cutdown of season 1 for broadcast”. She cited American broadcaster PBS as one of the broadcasters that the team hopes to get the documentary on.

There are a lot of furry documentaries that have attempted to explain the furry fandom in depth. But Ash Coyote’s documentary, “The Fandom” stands out from the rest in terms of viewpoint – it gives a neutral look at the furry fandom from the perspective of a furry.

The series currently has released 7 episodes for the first season, which covered various aspects of the furry fandom, from culture to demographics. They interviewed many furries, which include YouTubers, fursuit makers, and other personalities for their insights and perspectives.

Despite having some initial critical responses to the series, the fandom’s reception to Ash Coyote’s documentary series was very positive – her Kickstarter had received over U$32,125 (S$44,308.08), which enabled the production team behind the series to be able to work on part 2 of the series, which will come in the form of a feature film.

Quoting the production team, the second part of the series would be focusing in-depth on the history of the furry fandom, and would be featuring “a glimpse of what makes the furry fandom so special to those who call themselves “furry”, and “explore this unusual community from the ground up, uncovering the passion, creativity, and the drive that inspires its members.” by “interviewing the individuals who pioneered the fandom”.

From a global perspective, the documentary has set the tone for future furry-related documentaries, and has greatly contributed to the resource availability on the fandom for new furs and people outside the fandom. Should the series be broadcast, it would make Ash Coyote’s series the very first furry fandom-grown series to enter public television.

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