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Brazil FurFest starts partnership with Converse

Just recently, Brazilian furry convention Brazil FurFest has officially started a partnership with American shoe company Converse.

Source: Brazil FurFest Twitter

In the official video posted by Brazil FurFest, they said the reason for the partnership is that Converse “has been celebrating individuality in each one’s journey” and that they also “supports initiatives that tells different stories and inspire people to be authentic and embrace their passions”. Brazil FurFest also stated that Converse offered to “improve the audiovisual and lighting” of their Main Events Room along with the partnership as well, according to a tweet from them:

This partnership received much mixed reactions from the fandom, with many being concerned that the furry fandom is experiencing ‘increased monetization and commercialisation’, and that it is being taken advantage of by major corporations through the ‘evil plans of fandom sanitization’.

However, there are also furs who are optimistic about the partnership, saying that this would benefit the fandom, in terms of acceptance (to the furries) within the public eye. They also cite that the partnership supports the furcon financially, which allows BFF to make improvements so that the con experience for its attendees would be better.

In a response to the GFTV’s question of what vision does the BFF have regarding the future of the Converse-BFF partnership, they stated:

“They have one campaign this year about groups of people having fun around the world in different ways. We were invited with our furry bowling event to join it. Probably they will not make the same campaign again next year. So, we are not expecting a new deal for 2020.

If they want to extend it, we will see how things will happen in 2019. If everything was alright, we would accept a new deal.”

– Brazil FurFest

This year’s edition of Brazil FurFest will take place from 23rd to 25th August, and it’ll be themed ‘Metropolis’.

Updated 11:56pm UTC +8, 27/7/2019.

Edited by Pawsry HTCN.


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