GFTV moves to a brand new YouTube channel

Welp, this is a late post XD

The GFTV has moved to a brand new YouTube channel, and this is so to prevent confusion between non-furry content (which I do post occasionally) with GFTV’s content, that is purely furry-centered.

The idea of a official channel was furst suggested by our video editor of the Media Division, Kugo the TV-headed fox.

Though he actually did not state a reason as to why a official channel is suggested, I do see a point that he made there, since that my personal content (especially those non-furry ones) could conflict with that of GFTV.

With the move, the GFTV will post content from then on. Old materials of GFTV posted on my channel will still remain, as well as those from GFTV’s predecessors.

Welp, here’s our brand new channel! Come and follow us there!

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