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A Florida Fur’s Guide to Beating the Heat

Megaplex 2019 has come and gone, and with it, fursuiters that have experienced the scorching heat are left wondering one thing: Why? Why would anyone live there? Why would I wear a full-body snuggie in 100 degree weather? As a fur who has lived in Florida their entire life, I can assure you that the summers are indeed survivable. Here’s how!

On-The-Go Cooling

Hydration, hydration, hydration. When you’re on the go in the heat, nothing is better than plain old water. Yeah, it requires de-suiting a bit, but if you’re not up for that, remember that staying outside for too long is a death sentence without breaks. Not literally, but it definitely becomes worse the longer you stay out. Take breaks when you can, drink some water and relax in some indoor AC.

When the suiting’s over

Assuming your hotel AC does in fact work, you should be good in terms of overnight stay. If it’s just a quick pit-stop or even a lunch break, there’s on thing that works wonders in cooling off any Floridian: cheap, small pints of ice cream from the local 7/11 (or, for those with less fear of biting, a Circle K). Split it with a friend or hoard it all yourself, but it’ll help when you’ve only got an hour or so.

Issue With The Suit? Don’t Let It Ruin Your Week!

Sometimes cooling off is about more than temperature. Orlando may be a sweltering wasteland, but underneath the heat waves, there are some beautiful eclectic parts of the city. If you’ve got a day to relax, I highly recommend the perfectly-developed Edgewater Drive in College Park. It’s the right size to have tons of local businesses and restaurants, and it’s great to support all of them; especially the cosplay shop Embellish FX, a pro-lgbt store that has replacement tails and other accessories! Disney and I-Drive may be our big selling points but there’s always the lesser-known parts that really shine.

That’s all folks! I’ll see you fuzzbutts at the next convention! Stay cool out there~

This article first appeared on Awoo News.

Article courtesy: Oatsi


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