Anthrocon Introduces A Whole New Tier – The Ultra Sponsor Tier

In Anthrocon‘s 2020 edition “Aesop’s Fables”, they‘ve added a 4th option for those who wish to attend the furcon. Besides the normal Day Badges, Sponsor and Super Sponsor tier tickets, you now have the option to choose a whole new eye-opening tier, named Ultra Sponsor.

With a unique price tag of US$1,000 (SG$1379.96 as of 27/9/19), attendees can enjoy the following benefits:

  • A Ultrasponsor ribbon
  • A free Anthrocon T-shirt
  • VIP badge pick up at registration
  • Front of line privileges for advance admission to the Dealers Room each day
  • An invitation to the Artists & Dealers reception on Friday evening
  • Reserved seating at selected Main Ballroom events (plus 1 guest if desired)
  • A unique gift available to Anthrocon Supersponsors
  • An exclusive gift available only to Anthrocon Ultrasponsors
  • If registering prior to Feb. 2: An advance opportunity to register for a hotel room before general availability
  • Supersponsor Luncheon on Saturday with the Guests of Honor
  • Guaranteed placement within the first two rows at the Fursuit Parade Photo or Reserved Special Seating during the parade
  • Special Ultrasponsor Acrylic Badge (with special customization if you register by March 1st)
  • Free access to the Fursuit Friendly Cruises
  • Expedited elevator line privileges in the Westin Hotel
  • Sunday Ultrasponsor Brunch

In blue: Extra Ultrasponsor privileges

The GFTV has reached out to Anthrocon for comment on their decision to include this new tier.

More details can be found here on Anthrocon’s official site.

Edited by Pawsry HTCN.

29 September 2019, 10:18pm UTC +8

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