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Oh Fiddlesticks! Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra looks to hire fursuit creator for mascot costume

UNITED STATES (FLAYRAH) – A non-furry organization is inquiring the fandom to have a fursuit creator design a pair of costumes in time for Anthrocon 2020.

This will be a commission for their cat mascot “Fiddlesticks”. This feline character is used by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra in order to inspire children of the beauty of music. They are looking for a pair of suits (copies) that can fit multiple performers. One will be for travel, while the other will be a home body suit. As a bonus they would like to be able to accessorize like being able to have a suit jacket.

Those fursuit creators interested can find more information and apply using the following Google Form. So if you are a fursuit designer in search of work, be sure to fill out their application. If you know one, forward them the form to fill out.

This article first appeared in Flayrah.

The article is published under Creative Commons CC-BY SA 4.0



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