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Trick or Treating in Fursuit

Halloween is the one time of the year furries don’t stick out.  Furries love to show off their suits on Halloween to everyone, plus what’s not to love about collecting candy!

However, we know Halloween is spooky but in many ways…Halloween can be quite dangerous as well so what should we look out for?


Here are some safety tips for fursuiting on Halloween:

  • Always have a group! Even just 2 people might be a little scary, I like to go in groups of 4 or more just in case.
  • Make sure to have handlers! Especially since it’s so hard for fursuiters to see at night.
  • Never go through parks, back lanes, or dark streets. You honestly never know what could be lurking in those shadows…
  • Tell your friends your route and times! That way if anything ever happens people know where approximately you’ll be
  • Carry a cell phone on you or spare change to use a payphone in case of an emergencyStick to neighborhoods you’re already familiar with
  • Don’t push yourself too far and overheat!
  • Stay sober, Stay alert

And best of all…

Have fun and don’t get a toothache from eating all that candy! here’s me and a few local furs during our Trick or Treat run at my grandma’s house. We go out long, maybe an hour or so but still had fun!

This article first appeared on Awoo News.

Article courtesy: OnixAngel


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