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COVID-19 and Furries: The impact today

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 is everywhere – and this affects everyone, no matter which part of this planet you happen to live upon.

Furry conventions and meets are of no exception – there are numerous of them being canceled, especially those scheduled earlier in the year such as Canada’s Furnal Equinox, the US’ Furry Weekend Atlanta and Thailand’s Thaitails. To add on, as governments gradually tighten measures to prevent the furtherance of the virus, from gathering restrictions to stay-home notices, more meets were forced to cancel as well.

Other cons which are scheduled later in the year have released numerous updates and proposed actions as well, as time went by. Anthrocon, one of the largest cons in the world, has released a statement listing numerous restrictions on areas ranging from attendance to even hugging, as one of their tentative courses of action.

See below: COVID-19 and Furries – More actions fire as outbreak grows (10/3/2020)

So far, there are 7 cancellations, 9 postponements and 55 cons that currently has no changes in their plans due to the coronavirus.

Unfortunately, no one knows how long will the COVID-19 issue last. As furries of this fandom, this society, this world, we must be socially responsible, so that we ourselves don’t contribute to the issue:

– Keeping good hygiene: Be sure to wash your hands with soap for 20 full seconds, and use hand sanitisers when there isn’t any water or soap within reach.

– Courtesy: Cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing.

– Seek medical attention when needed: If you experience difficulty breathing or dry coughing, immediately seek medical care.

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Edited by Pawsry Hamktxchuzhni

21/3/2020 9:50pm UTC+8


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