COVID-19 and Furries: Move events down in the past two weeks

Furrymosa dealer groups’ booth fee refund form:…

In the past two weeks, more furcons, especially those within May-July, have announced event cancellations. This trend treads dangerously close to events such as Anthrocon, one of the biggest furcons in the world, which is set to be held on 2-5 July.

If the virus continues to grow and develop at this rate and show no signs of flattening in the slope, it is possible that furcons in August or later may be affected, should the peak period be pushed further back into the year. Will the curve start to show improvement in flattening?

Will all remaining furcons this year be canceled and moved to next year, if the curve does not seem to start to flatten? Will this virus affect furry fandom more than just in reduction of times to physically mingle with one another?

On the other hand, if the situation seems to turn a little better and the remaining furcons continue as usual, what kind of measures will be taken to help prevent another possible spread? If the measures taken sort of ruin one of the “essences” of furry events, what can be done to compensate for it?

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