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A surprising furry paw print: Akinator now showing furry results

On a lighter note, artificial intelligence definitely is changing the world and so is the way we experience gameplay. Akinator is a French computer and mobile game that attempts to determine what fictional or real-life “character” the player is thinking of by asking a series of questions, similar to the game “Twenty Questions” in the US. Using artificial intelligence, it will learn the best questions to ask through its experience with its massive player base.

Just recently, furry Twitter started to show screenshots of what they got through the game – pictures of popular fandom figures guessed out by Akinator; Majira, Odin, Ash Coyote, among others. A furry developer at Akinator, an furry invasion into the offices of Akinator’s developers, or not? Considering that one part of the game’s database is community grown in which people can submit results into Akinator, it’s possible that maybe one furry out of the bunch started to input the names and pictures of iconic furries they have in mind.



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