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COVID-19 and Furries: A situational overview of April

A lot of things happened during this month, as the coronavirus continuously developed. Virtually, all furry conventions in the furst half of 2020 is either deferred to the next half of 2020 or canceled and moved to next year. This included most of the cons in July, although some cons such as Anthrocon have yet to announce any further actions so far.

There might be still a chance that Anthrocon may be allowed to hold next year, despite the no-large gatherings order imposed in the state of Pennsylvania which currently has no end date, since the curve is expected to hit 0 deaths per day by the end of May, based on currently available data. A question: If the curve goes as expected and the con’s given the green light to hold, how would this year’s edition be done?

In Europe, the situation’s severity may mean that European countries may have a expected peak near or in the second half of the year; which may affect severely impact European furcons. However, given Germany’s recent improvements in the situation, there might be a strong possibility that Europe’s largest furcon, Eurofurence, may be held. Still the same question here: How would the con be held, if it is given the green light?

With the drastically increasing number of deaths globally since March and a increasing trend of furcon cancellations instead of postponements, will all furcons be cancelled this year? If this possibility is strong, what kind of creative methods would the furry fandom present this year in response to this?



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