COVID-19 and Furries: 4 cancellations this week, 60 furcons globally

Furcon cancellations around the world have reached a new milestone as the virus continues to prevail, with a total of 60 globally as of today. This week, Furrydelphia, Denfur, EAST and Rusfurence has announced that their events will be held next year.

On June 4th, Denfur said in a tweet that their host hotel prematurely canceled all room reservations for this year’s edition. New reservation links would be coming within the next few weeks, as well as the refund/transfer policies for attendees and dealers. Denfur 2021 would be held from 20 – 22 August at the Sheraton Downtown hotel.

Even though 16 counties in the state of Pennsylvania have entered the Green stage, where businesses can now continue their operations, large gatherings of more than 250 people are not permitted. That has led to Furrydelphia cancelling for this year. However in a statement, the furcon also said that there are plans for an online convention experience this year, which may be hosted on VR-Chat.

Into Europe, German convention EAST is cancelled for this year even though the state of Thuringia, where they are held in, has eased some restrictions, in sight of uncertainties whereby new regulations may be introduced at any time, which can cause much inconvenience to attendees. However, the furcon’s host hotel Ringberg Hotel has released an offer for the attendees, although convention events will not be held. To claim the offer, contact the hotel with the keyword “Auszeit”, and you can receive room prices similar to those offered in the con package, inclusive of breakfast and dinner.

Lastly in Russia, Rusfurence is canceled. All registration and participation fees will be fully refunded for all attendees on 15 June. Attendees who want to transfer payments to next year can contact the furcon on their website and anyone who does this will automatically receive Super Sponsor tickets at Rusference 2021. The furcon is also calling on donations to help support their expenses, and anyone who donates 1000RUB or more will also receive Super Sponsor tickets for next year.

We’ve recently updated our COVID-19 Furcon Updates furcon status maps to include deferred events with new dates in 2020, therefore,

  • “On Plan” will be renamed to “To Hold”, which now refers to all uncancelled furcons that are holding this year.
  • Deferred furcons with confirmed new dates this year will be added to the “To Hold” count. And with that,
  • “Deferred” now refers to furcons that are not held on originally planned dates, but have yet to announce new dates.

With these new changes, we now have a new count of 26 furcons that are holding this year, followed by 9 deferred and 60 cancelled.


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