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CCFC controversy: Capital City Fur Con facing heavy backlash on internal mismanagement

Capital City Fur Con, a convention based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania of the United States has recently announced closure. This was followed by a heavy backlash on social media claiming severe fund mismanagement and deception.

After the announcement on closure, the former staff asked the furcon for evidence that it had donated to the ALS Association, their first 2020 edition’s charity partner.

Two hours later the furcon posted this picture of a receipt from the ALS Association, on it, stating a donated amount of US$217. However afterwards many pointed out that the email listed in the receipt did not belong to the furcon, but instead belonged to Made Fur You, a fursuit maker. The picture was deleted afterwards.

Subsequently, the furcon’s Telegram chat as well as their Twitter account became inaccessible. This led to much more discussion and disclosure of evidence regarding the controversy on social media.

A furry named Dixie tweeted that when she asked CCFC directly for the donation amount to update her furry convention charity sheet, the furcon told her that they donated US$4000 to ALS.

However contrary to that, a fur by the Twitter username TrippWubb, who claims he’s a former staff at CCFC, accused the furcon’s chairman Nitro of not releasing funds to their charity partner, failing to sponsor rooms for staff and their guests of honours as well as deception.

Shadow the Wolf, a CCFC attendee, claimed in a recent YouTube video that the furcon also has made “empty promises” to guests of honours, and also says the staff is not to be blamed for the controversy, but chairman Nitro.

Another fur by the name of Boozy Badger said in a tweet that some furs told him that the furcon owed the hotel more than US$15,000, in addition to images of a “internal Telegram chat where it was being discussed”. He added that one of his friends who was a CCFC guest told him that the furcon also allegedly intended to use charity funds to pay for the hotel.

Currently staff is seeking compensation, and the GFTV will continue to follow this story’s developments.



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