COVID-19 and Furries: 3 furcons cancelled this week, 63 globally

This week, furry conventions in Mainland China, Switzerland and Argentina have announced cancellations due to the current pandemic.

In a statement, Guangzhou-based furry convention Fuzzy Oasis Party said the furcon could not continue as planned due to some of its core members as well as the invited guests currently being unable to return and come to China. To add on, numerous uncertainties posed by the current pandemic also led to this decision.

Fearing the possible onset of a second wave of COVID-19, Swiss furcon Golden Leaves Con have announced the cancellation of this year’s edition. The furcon will be held from 27 to 31 August 2021.

Argentinian furcon FurCamp Cordobes is cancelled for this year. In a statement, the furcon stated that the event venue became unavailable and the area where the event venue is located is currently experiencing a financial crisis.

So far there are a total of 63 furcons cancelled, followed by 9 deferred and 23 furcons to hold this year.


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