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Four activist furries raise nearly $9,000 for in four hours for charities to assist Black and Indigenous people

UNITED STATES (FLAYRAH) – As conventions have been closed, the charitability of the fandom marches on as Pibble, Chise, Nas, and Wolf (aka Kind7ed) lead a fundraising effort collecting nearly $9,000 for Project Okra and the Navajo Nation. They did this during the stream on Picarto where they played Jackbox games while hanging out and telling stories.

Project Okra is an organization that pays black trans* chefs who provide meals for black trans* individuals who are facing food insecurities, along with other community services. The Navajo have been fundraising to help deal with the impact of the Coronavirus on their people. Each received $4,365 dollars as a result from the stream.

Being persons of color themselves, they felt it essential to help their fellow BIPOC (Black/Indigenous People of Color) and they have been quite ecstatic at the success of surpassing their goal of $1,000 by such a sizable margin. It has shown that there is a strong desire to help communities of color within segments of the fandom.

As a result, this group of furries are in discussion of starting their own furry convention that will emphasize having the leadership comprise mostly of individuals of color. They indicate the desire to do this in order to help boost confidence and help BIPOC furs engage with the fandom and take on leadership roles in the community in a way they feel they could not in current conventions that have a dominating presence of white leadership. It would be the first physical convention to do so.

There are precedents of online gatherings with BIPOC leadership. A virtual convention was held in a Minecraft server in April of 2019 called NonStopWorld. It was run by NonStopPup, Nat, and Draz. They were able to have a gathering with over 1,100 concurrent Discord users.

They plan to hold their second year of NonStopWorld on July 18th – 19th.

This article first appeared on Flayrah.


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