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COVID-19 and Furries: 3 furcons cancelled – JMoF, Wild North and Alamo City Furry Invasion


This week, three furcons are cancelled, that which includes one held in 2021.

Japanese furcon Japan Meeting of Furries, slated to be held on 7 – 10 Jan next year, has announced cancellation. Their new dates are 7 – 9 Jan 2022.

British furcon Wild North has moved to next year. All tickets and room reservations are automatically transferred to the furcon’s 2021 edition, however, refunds can be requested as well, so long as it’s done before midnight in the UK on 26 July, which is 8am Singapore time, and 7pm EST. Their new dates are 24 – 27 Sept 2021.

Alamo City Furry Invasion, an US furcon based in Texas, has also moved to next year. Like Wild North, all tickets and room reservations will be transferred to 2021. However, due to financial considerations, refunds cannot be provided. Their new dates are 8 – 10 Oct 2021.

With that, there are a total of 75 cancellations, 4 deferred and 22 furcons to hold this year.




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