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Good Furry Award: Winners announced – Ash Coyote named winner


The furry fandom feature film may have finished premiering, but the director of the film is still in for one more endorsement. The Good Furry Award, an award recognising furries for their outstanding spirit in the furry community, has named Ash Coyote the winner of the Award. 

Testimonials featured on the website recognised her contribution in helping others better understand the furry fandom, and her efforts in the making of her recent The Fandom feature film.

She is due to receive a check of US$500 and a crystal trophy of recognition.

Other than her, three honourable mentions were also named, namely

  • Aleshka Alejandra, who is the first furry to win as a honourable mention twice in a row,
  • Courtney “Nuka” Plante, known for his participation in FurScience, and is said to have “done a lot to help dispel misinformation about the furry fandom” and being supportive of his local furry groups, and
  • Hunter Fusky, recognised for his kindness and community spirit.




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