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The fandom boom: Furry docu film “The Fandom” premieres, #TheFandom trends on furry social media


The fourth of July weekend in the US is a weekend when furries would race to Pittsburgh to attend the world’s second largest furry convention, Anthrocon, which is cancelled due to the current pandemic.

Despite this, instead it became a weekend where furries had a history lesson on the furry fandom’s multicoloured history, and how that shaped the community today. At exactly 8am, 4th July (Singapore Time), Ash Coyote’s furry documentary feature film The Fandom premiered on YouTube, attracting much positive sentiment among furries and non-furries alike. 

The nearly one and a half hour feature film has documented the journey of furry fandom – from its humble beginnings as small art meetups to a full-blown community spanning multiple nations around the world. As the film revealed, there were twists and turns encountered along the way which involved politics, the media and sexuality, but in the end, this was wrapped up with a look at how far the fandom has come from those times, and how it changed people’s lives for the better today.

It’s by hope that non furry audiences will walk away from this film, with a clear understanding of who we are as a community. That we are not just some “fetish community”, that we are just a bunch of fursuiters – it’s a dynamic group of people that all come together with an interest in anthropomorphic arts, and we celebrate it.

And there’s all sorts of different components and dynamics to that, that we bring together, and hopefully this will lead to future generations just having a better understanding of what our community is about.

– Ash Coyote, director

Much positive sentiment then flooded the hashtag #TheFandom on furry social media, especially on Twitter, which became a trend in the United States. Many showed support for the film through donations and written encouragement, with some stating the film has brought to them a newfound respect for furry fandom history. The film so far has amassed a total of more than 100,000 views on YouTube, and subtitles in multiple languages are currently in the works.



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