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GFTV releases amendment for the Online Communities’ Regulations

Today, we are announcing a amendment to the OCR (officially the Rules and Regulations of the Online Communities of Global Furry Television), the governing rulebook for all servers and groups under GFTV’s Online Communities.

Internally passed on 21 Sept, the amendment includes a slight restructuring of sections and rules, as well as the addition of two new sections; Sect. 4 (Venting) and Sect. 11 (Governance of Online Communities) which further clarifies members’ rights to vent, as well as the admins’ powers respectively.

Firstly, I want to make clear that our Online Communities are always there to support our participants, and talking about their own feelings is not wrong,

and secondly, it must be emphasised further that there should be no religious intervention or influence in admins’ decision making.

Project Head

The new rules

Sect. 4: Venting

  1. The venting of personal feelings is allowed.
  2. If venting is used to harass or target others, action will be immediately taken against.

Sect. 11: Governance of Online Communities

  1. Admins of Online Communities shall make decisions in a secular manner at all times.
  2. Decisions made by Admins shall be final.
  3. In matters relating to how the group is governed daily which is not expressly included in
    this rulebook, the admins have the power to use their discretion.


  • Rule 35 (Admin discretion rule) has moved from Section 10 (Penalties) to Section 11 (Governance of Online Communities).
  • Section 9 (Information on Offence Violation) and Section 10 (Penalties) have moved from Part III – Miscellaneous to Part II – Offences .

The updated OCRs can be accessed here below and in the About Us page.









  1. 群员有权发泄个人感情。
  2. 如果其权被用来骚扰或攻击他人,将立即采取相应的行动。


  1. 兽视网络社区的管理员在任何时候都应以世俗的方式作出决定。
  2. 管理员作出的决定是最终决定。
  3. 对于本规则书中未明确规定的日常管理事务,管理员有权酌情处理。


  • 第三十五条 (对于本规则书中未明确规定的日常管理事务,管理员有权酌情处理) 从第十节(处罚)移到了第十一节(社区治理) 。
  • 第九节(关于违规行为的资料)第十节(处罚)从第三章(杂项) 移到了 第二章(违规行为) 。

这被更新的规章可通过以下链接,或该官网的About Us(关于我们)网页上找到。


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