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[ENG/CHN] COVID-19 and Furries: #COVID-19FurconUpdates furcon status numbers and virtual event updates

As of this week, furry convention status numbers for 2020 remain constant; 87 cancelled, 1 deferred, 4 to hold this year and 27 furcons completed. The status for Painted Desert Furcon and Furry Snow Fest has been updated – they’ve completed their 2020 edition in February and October respectively.

But at the same time, here are the latest updates on virtual events.

Foxes and Peppers set to perform at Virtual NYFB

Furry musician duo Foxes and Peppers are set to perform at Virtual New Years Furball (Virtual NYFB), a virtualised furry New Year’s Eve event taking place on 31 December at their Twitch channel.

Scotiacon announces dates for 2021

Scottish furry convention Scotiacon has recently announced their new 2021 dates, which will be from 3 – 5 September, a date far from their originally planned date in February. According to the furcon, tightening restrictions in the UK has led to a “unanimous” decision on not holding the con in February, and that their 2021 venue Crowne Plaza also allowed the furcon to run in late summer with no extra impact to their expenses.

Infurnity releases timetable for virtual event

Taiwanese furcon Infurnity has recently released a timetable for their virtual event happening at the end of October, which features numerous activities from art streams, to panels which include Uncle Kage’s story time and Majira Strawberry’s Berry Talks. Details on joining the convention’s VR space will come soon.


本台收集的#COVID19FurconUpdates兽展情况列表的数据到目前为止没有变化;有87个兽展被取消,1个被推迟,4个将在今年举行,以及28个已完成举行。美国展Painted Desert Furcon以及中国展绒雪节的状态已被更新——它们已分别在今年二月和十月中完成举办实体展。


毛兽音乐二人组Foxes and Peppers将在Virtual NYFB演出

毛兽音乐二人组Foxes and Peppers将在Virtual NYFB演出。这是个已被虚拟化的除夕毛兽线上活动,将在12月31日在其Twitch频道上举办。


苏格兰展Scotiacon近日宣布了其2021年实体展的举办日期。该展将在9月3日举行,为期三天,这与原计划的2月日期相差甚远。据了解,英国近日加紧本地防疫措施的举动导致了该展不在明年2月举行的“一致”同意,其举办场地伙伴Crown Plaza也准许了Scotiacon在不会加重开支的情况下在夏末时期举办。


台湾兽装兽无限近日发布了将在10月底举行的云展的时间表。其中有从绘画直播,小组讨论会,到Uncle Kage的故事时间及著名油管UP主Majira Strawberry的Berry Talks脱口秀等等的活动。参与该展的VR活动空间的详情将在晚期发布。


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