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[ENG/CHN] Fursuited joy of giving: 2 Kloofsuits fursuits to be given away by nomination

It’s October, and although it’s the ‘spooky month’, the Christmas spirit of giving still prevails. In this case it involves fursuits, as Ash Coyote and Xavier Fox recently came together to give away 2 fursuits made by British fursuit maker Kloofsuits. Public nomination determines who will receive the fursuits.

“So I was inspired to do this giveaway because um well basically it was, I just thought it was nice to do something for people that you know doing things for others or for the community.

It’s a great community, and there’s some fantastic people out there doing fantastic things for other people, and it’s a nice way to reward that, and hopefully some people that you know maybe can’t afford or haven’t had the opportunity to have a suit before, will now get the opportunity and thoroughly enjoy it, and hopefully feel rewarded, you know, for the fantastic things they’ve done for people.”

Xavier Fox

Nomination submissions for the giveaway will end on 31 October, and winners will be announced on 13 November. You may now scan the QR code on screen to access the Google form to nominate. For our GFTV PodWave listeners, please head over to our channel for the link.


现在是十月,虽然是所谓的“spooky month”(万圣之月),圣诞节的“joy of giving”(奉献之乐)之精神仍是普遍。现在即将关注的事件将两件英国兽装制作师Kloofsuits制的兽装包括了在其内;近日Ash Coyote及Xavier Fox联合宣布了举办个兽装赠品活动, 谁最终获得兽装,将以公众投票决定。



塞维尔狐(Xavier Fox)



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