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Furry music netlabel Fuzznet Music launches, aims to support furry musicians

The furry media landscape is small, but that has not stopped furries from bringing up initiatives to help develop and improve it for the fandom. Just recently, a fandom-grown internet music label by the name of Fuzznet Music has launched with the aim to support furry musicians.

Self-proclaimed to be the world’s first furry music label, it offers musicians of the furry fandom a pathway to get their works seen, as well as a platform to mutually collaborate with and learn from each other, and above all to support their growth.

With that, let’s now be connected with the creator of Fuzznet Music, Finn Raccoon;

So Finn, I would like to know more about this netlabel you got there. Can you tell us more about it?

Fuzznet Music is only another branch of my already existing Fuzznet “brand” (I still honestly don’t quite know what to call it but that’s pretty much what it is). Fuzznet itself is meant to be a growing hub for all things furry. I started with my own things like art and videos, and slowly expanded on it with blogs, curated projects, group chats and various little bits on Twitter.

Now the music branch is the most recent and so far biggest project yet. The inspiration behind it is the fact that any media in the fandom that isn’t visual (say Artworks and Animation) is kind of almost ignored or at least only exists in the shadows.

But there is a lot of incredibly talented furries making music, so this netlabel is meant to unite the talent under one roof and combine it with proper marketing and official distribution. Working together and releasing as a team on unified platforms in the end benefits everyone on board better than being scattered all over. 🙂

We don’t aim for a specific style or genre, but rather take in anyone that fits streaming requirements, sounds cool and wants to join. We define “Furry music” as anything that is made by furries, although there are a few furries who make songs with lyrics specifically tailored to furries, too.

The idea is, by having all on board under one roof, if someone finds a song by our label on our profile the chances are high that they might check out the other albums and artists available which results in somewhat of a snowball effect. So far, that has been the case.

What motivated you to start this netlabel?

Music is one of, if not THE most underrated and ignored creative section of the furry community. This is explainable by the fact that from all categories of creativity, music is far away from what you think of first when thinking about furries.

For the most part, if it weren’t for furry album covers, oddly fursona-like name or occasional lyrics, there isn’t anything to really connect the dots. Due to this, furry musicians have it especially hard. The “normie” side of the music industry is already saturated enough, and the furry side doesn’t pay enough attention to things that aren’t cool cartoon animals.

What do you hope to achieve with this platform?

I think “Time will tell” fits best here. We’re still getting comfortable just launching and promoting music (I might add we also officially curate songs and artist that aren’t in Fuzznet via Spotify Playlists consisting only of Furry Musicians of various genres that are displayed on our Profile).

Although we already have one small “gig” so to say offering a few of our tracks to an upcoming furry-themed Minecraft con/event that has DJs playing live music. Doing similar things in the future definitely is something I’ll keeping looking into.Currently there’s only me and the artists. As of now we have 25 artists on board, but when it comes to anything label related I do almost everything by myself. However we do communicate via our own chat group and frequently exchange ideas, opinions and updates.

Our main links are (landing page) and (streaming links).

Both pages include all the information about us, release dates, artists and social media links. We focus our main efforts on Spotify, as that one is the globally biggest platform to work with. For our Furry Musician playlists (for ALL furry musicians, in or outside of Fuzznet) we have My main homepage is where you’ll find all the various other projects I have to offer.

Thank you Finn for joining us on the programme.

The netlabel so far has more than 25 artists and 160 songs published under their name and is available on 10 online platforms.

兽圈造网络唱片厂牌 Fuzznet Music 正式成立,以支持兽圈音乐作家为目标

兽圈媒体环境是小,不过这并没有阻止毛兽们提出倡议帮助兽圈将其给改善及发展化。近日,一个毛兽网络唱片厂牌Fuzznet Music以支持毛兽音乐家为目标而正式成立。


现在,让我们与Fuzznet Music的创建者浣熊芬恩(Finn Raccoon)联系。


Fuzznet Music只是我已经存在的Fuzznet “品牌 “的另一个分支(老实说,我仍然不知道该怎么称呼它,但这差不多就是它了)。




作为一个团队合作并发行在统一的平台上,最终会利于所有合作方,而不是被四处分散。 🙂






由于这个原因,福瑞音乐家们的处境特别艰难。音乐行业的 “正常人 “已经够饱和了,而福瑞对那些不是很酷的卡通动物的东西给予了不够关注。


我认为 “时间会证明一切 “在此最适用。我们仍在适应刚刚推出和推广的音乐(我补充,我们还通过Spotify播放列表正式策划了Fuzznet中没歌曲和艺术家,这些列表只由各种类型的福瑞音乐家组成,其在我们的简介中显示)。










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