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The film pawprint: Furry documentary film “The Fandom” in competition for Denver Film Festival 2020

Over the months, many physical events are forced to postpone as the COVID-19 pandemic prevailed, giving rise to virtual events allowing people to experience and connect from their homes, or wherever there’s an internet connection.

Denver Film Festival is one of such events that have gone virtual, featuring more than 100 titles spanning feature films, short films, student shorts, music videos and episodic content.

Within the abundant selection of films, a furry competitor emerges; recently, furry filmmaker Ash Coyote announced in a tweet that her furry documentary film “The Fandom” will be in competition at Denver Film Festival.

Premiered on 4th July, “The Fandom” documentary film took a in-depth dive reflecting the furry fandom’s past and present developments, which has been received warmly by many furries and non-furries alike.

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On the film’s virtual screening page, the film is eligible for audience rewards through voting. This can be done after unlocking the film for a one-time fee of US$15 (S$20.38) and watching it.

The film will be unlocked for viewing on 23 October, 2:15 pm (Singapore Time) and there are two time windows that attendees will be given:

  • 17 days to start watching the film.
  • Once started, 48 hours to finish watching.

Denver Film Festival will run from October 22 through November 8 via their Virtual Cinema platform.



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