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An offering in furry memory: Furry dedicates virtual world in memory of furries who passed away

As the pandemic ensues and outdoor restrictions are still in place, virtualized events and venues quickly became the new norm, from recreations of real-life venues to memorials – here in “The Furry Ofrenda”, the memories of furries who passed away in the fandom are preserved virtually.

“It (the motivation to create the world) came from my roommate Mark Belino, one of the earlier founders of the fandom (who) got really moved by the Disney movie Coco, and decided to make a ofrenda for PAWCon. We got permission to put outside the Dealers’ Room. People then added to it, it was very beautiful.

There is no PAWCon this year due the state of the world, (so) we decided to try to build it here. Originally it was just the photos of older furries. But since it’s a world in VR, we have more space than we would normally, so I started trying to find as many people as I could to add from the fandom.

We’ve gathered around 185 people. And with the help of Brainfreeze who got involved in this project, we pulled together very short biographies, information about the people and we’ve just expanded it from there, decided to make this an ongoing project and memorialise as many people as we can in the fandom.

It’s a good reminder and a celebration of well, the people in our community and around the world, really.”

Changa Lion, creator of “The Furry Ofrenda” VRChat world


当疫情还在继续,当居家隔离成了惯例,线上活动成为新常态。从娱乐活动 到线下见面 到纪念仪式,它们都转向线上。在“毛兽祭坛”(The Furry Ofrenda)这里,那些逝去的毛兽伙伴的记忆在这里得到保存。


“它(创造世界的启发)来自我的室友Mark Belino,一位兽圈的先驱者,被迪士尼电影‘COCO’打动,就决定为PAWcon也建立一个’祭坛‘。我们被准许在展商会门口搭建它,人们也纷纷出力,这景象简直美极了。”

PAWCon 2018摆在摊位间外的祭坛






“毛兽祭坛”制作者 樟拉狮子 Changa Lion


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