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COVID-19 and Furries: SpokAnthro moves to 2022, in view of rising local COVID-19 cases

During times when the pandemic’s end is still hard to pinpoint, furcons next year started to move further into 2022.

That’s the case for SpokAnthro, a furcon in the US state of Washington. In view of a continued risk posed by increasing COVID-19 cases in the state, they have announced their move into 2022.

For perspective, the state of Washington has been having a fluctuating number of cases, and right now it’s increasing. As of 6 November, it has a total of more than 125,000 cases. Data gathered from the New York Times.

With that, for 2020 furcons, numbers remain constant at 88 cancelled, 1 deferred, 3 to hold this year and 28 completed. For 2021: 11 cancelled, 1 deferred and 106 furcons to hold next year.



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