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COVID-19 and Furries: One furcon cancelled, one held – one left to hold

Though big progress on the COVID-19 vaccine has been made, at the current stage, the pandemic still leaves many in uncertainty, which led to 13 furcons holding next year moving further into 2022.

Mexican furcon Confurtiva announced Saturday the cancellation of their 2020 edition slated for last weekend. They say hybrid physical-virtual events will be held instead to support furry artists and the convention.

On that same day, Taiwanese furcon Furry Meeting in Taiwan, short for FurMIT, held their first physical edition as well. It had 540 attendees, among them, 151 fursuiters in the fursuit group photo.

With that, one furcon remains to be held this year – China’s Winter Furry Fusion, 18 – 20 Dec. Mexico’s April Furs is still deferred until further notice, if there are no updates by 1st January 2021, it will be marked “cancelled” on our spreadsheet. We now have 90 cancelled, 1 deferred, 1 to hold this year and 30 furcons completed. 




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