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The pin scam: Fursona Pins releases caution on counterfeit Dogbomb pins

Recently, furry enamel pin maker Fursona Pins announced in a tweet warning of counterfeit Dogbomb pins in circulation, which according to them, was made by an ex-staff who was removed in violation of their policies before.

Thick outlines (front)Thin outlines (front)
Dark brown sunflower (front)Light brown sunflower (front)
Smooth backRough back
DB: The post (nail of the pin) on the top leftDB: Posts are closer together
SB: Centered potSB: Off-center post
**SB = speech bubble pin, DB = Dogbomb pin

Fursona Pins called on the community to not resell or trade, but instead have these imitation pins mailed to them to be destroyed.

They have lodged a report with the authorities.

Correction (7:46am UTC+8 25/11/2020) – The person described by Fursona Pins to have made the counterfeit Dogbomb pins is not a ex-staff, but by a member of their pin trading and selling community.


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