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COVID-19 and Furries: WUFF 2021 cancelled; uncertainty lingers on furcons’ schedules

The year 2020 ended with 90* furcons cancelled and 31 completed. Due to the current pandemic, some furcons have announced virtual events this year or further delays to 2022. With that, this year’s status count on our COVID-19 Furcon Updates spreadsheet now shows 12 cancelled, 3 deferred and 105 on plan.

Now recently Ukranian convention WUFF cancelled their 2021 edition, but is marked “deferred” instead of “cancelled” since their announcement tweet also indicated that there might be a possibility of a new date given this year.

Recent developments of COVID-19 has pushed hopes of full resumption of physical events further back, and this year may be another virtual event-first year as countries are now fighting variants of the coronavirus, which contributed to the uncertainty now faced by furcons; whether or not the situation improves by their scheduled dates this year.

*Editor’s note 24/1/2021 – The 2020 cancelled furcons count of 91 dropped to 90, since Megaplex Annual Picnic is removed from the furcon updates list – as it is a furmeet not a furcon.

疫情与兽圈——WUFF 2021被取消;兽展日程安排存在不确定性


现在最近乌克兰兽展WUFF取消了其2021活动,但在情况表上被标记为 “推迟”,而不是 “取消”,这是因为他们的公告推特还暗示,今年也许能举办实际活动。


*编辑留言2021-1-24:由于Megaplex Annual Picnic 从兽展情况列表被移除(它不是兽展,是兽聚),2020年被取消的兽展数(原本91取消)现在被降到90。




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