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Anthro Northern Lights closes: Norwegian furcon ANL cites unpredictability of COVID-19 and “a lot of problems” behind closure

Citing the unpredictability posed by COVID-19, Norwegian furcon Anthro Northern Lights, slated for its first edition in November this year announced closure.

This is the second time a furcon has closed its doors due to COVID-19 since US furcon FA:United closure just two months ago. The furcon also says they had “a lot of problems” to take into account before making this decision.

Currently in Norway, there’s currently a decreasing trend with 218 new cases reported on 30 Jan.

Anthro Northern Lights 宣布关闭:疫情的不可预测性及已存在的”许多问题”是其决定的因素之一

以新冠疫情带来的不可预测性为由,原定于今年11月举办第一届展的挪威展Anthro Northern Lights宣布关闭





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