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COVID-19 and Furries: Fauntastic moves into 2022; Furnexion defers to year-end

This week, one** furcon is deferred and one cancelled:

  • Mexican furcon Furnexion, originally planned for 26 Feb has deferred to 10 Dec this year. The furcon adds that as the venue and packages have been reserved, no refunds will be given. All tickets and dealers’ den arrangements will be carried over to their December event.

In Mexico right now, daily coronavirus cases are drastically fluctuating; 13,209 cases as of 6 Jan.

  • Lastly, French furcon Fauntastic cancelled this year’s edition. They also say COVID-19’s uncertainty led them to cancel the event, and their new date will be from 15-18 April 2022.

In France currently, daily coronavirus cases are fluctuating; 19,715 cases as of 7 Jan.

With that, we have 17 furcons cancelled, 5 deferred and 99 to hold this year.

**EDIT 26/2/2021: Furvester is not deferred. In fact, their 2020 edition was already cancelled, leaving the 2021 date as TBA until their recent announcement of tentative dates end-2021.

疫情与兽圈——Fauntastic取消今年活动, 其被移进2022年;Furnexion推迟到年底

上周,一1个兽展**被推迟, 一个被取消。

  • 原定于2月26日举行的墨西哥兽展Furnexion 将推迟到今年12月10日举行。该展补充说,由于场地和套餐已经被预订,所以不会退款。所有门票和经销商的安排将延续到他们12月的活动。


  • 最后,法国兽展Fauntastic取消了今年的活动。新冠疫情的不确定性也是导致他们取消这项活动的原因。他们将在2022年4月15至18日举行。







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