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Don’t Hug Cacti controversy: Claims of owner Lucky Coyote misbehaving circulates; DHC intends lawsuit against allegations

**Note: Qutens is raising money for a legal defense – not for a legal case said in the video.

Don’t Hug Cacti, DHC for short, a prominent fursuit maker in the community is currently facing backlash from claims alleging that one of their owners, Lucky Coyote, had engaged in sexual misconduct.

The controversy sparked late September last year – on the 25th a Twitter user called Qutens published a document more than 90 pages long containing several anonymous testimonies, all alleging that Lucky had committed various misdeed.

9 days later on 4 Oct, DHC in response issued an apology stating that:

  • One, they do not condone “any immoral or illegal activity”;
  • Second, Lucky is not the owner of DHC, though some pointed out, under Arizona state laws she is still an owner – in the US state of Arizona, couples share equal ownership of everything they buy, own and acquire during their marriage; and
  • Third, Lucky left social media and is “undergoing treatment for social media addiction and other personal issues.”

The apology was deleted by Lucky’s husband Skuff subsequently, with him saying he “left it up for a month” and it was “time to move on.”

This issue came to a head recently – on 5 Feb, when Qutens, the Twitter user who released the document online also claimed DHC sent her a cease and desist letter over her tweet. Qutens is currently raising money for a legal case against them. On the same day, Don’t Hug Cacti published a statement stating it is under attack by the allegations, and they would be pursuing legal action.

The fursuit maker afterwards received a backlash with users expressing their discontent on social media, saying the fursuit maker is “censoring victims.”

Don’t Hug Cacti争议——称店主表现不当行为的舆论被传开;DHC表示将对其“不切实际”的言论提起诉讼;向一位毛兽发了停终通知

Don’t Hug Cacti是兽圈其中著名的兽装制造商,而近日, 他们现在正面临着指控其业主之一Lucky Coyote进行了不当性行为的舆论。




  • 第一,他们不宽恕 “任何不道德或非法活动”。
  • 第二,Lucky不是DHC的所有者,尽管有些毛兽指出,在亚利桑那州的法律下,她仍然会被认作所有者—-在美国亚利桑那州,夫妻对他们在婚姻期间购买、拥有和获得的所有东西都有平等的所有权;以及
  • 第三,Lucky已离开社交媒体,并”正在接受社交媒体成瘾和其他个人问题的治疗”。


这事件近日再次浮现了——2月5日,网上发布该文件的推特用户Qutens声称Don’t Hug Cacti因她的推特而向她发出了一封停终通知。她目前正在为准备诉讼筹集资金。同天,Don’t Hug Cacti在一个发表中声明,称自己受到了这些指控的攻击,他们将对其采取法律行动。

Don’t Hug Cacti此后遭到了反击——不少毛兽们在社交媒体上表达了他们的不满,还称该兽装制造商在 “审查受害者”。



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