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COVID-19 and Furries: Painted Desert Furcon, Furry Weekend Atlanta postponed to 2022

Just recently, two US furcons moved their events this year into 2022.

Arizona-based Painted Desert Furcon, originally planned for 1 January, postponed into the next year. They say increased attendee safety concerns amid tightening coronavirus restrictions prompted the decision. New dates will be released soon.

Looking at the state of Arizona, daily cases are dropping, with 2,126 cases as of 20 February.

Moving east, Georgia-based Furry Weekend Atlanta, originally planned for 6 May, postponed into the next year.

Looking at the state of Georgia, daily cases are dropping as well, with 3,274 cases as of 20 February. At the same time, the situation is becoming serious, with the state now reporting 45 cases of the UK coronavirus variant, and local media reports that according to Dr. Lawton Davis, state of Georgia’s Coastal Health District Director, in a matter of months, the UK variant could become the “dominant strain” in the states of Georgia and South Carolina.

With that, we have 18 furcons cancelled, 6 deferred and 97 to hold this year.

疫情与兽圈——Furry Weekend Atlanta、Painted Desert Furcon被推入明年


原计划于1月1日举行,位于亚利桑那州的兽展Painted Desert Furcon,被推迟到明年。他们表示,在本地防疫措施收紧的情况下,参会者安全问题增加,促使他们做出了这个决定。新的日期将在晚期公布。


向东移动,原计划于5月6日举行,位于佐治亚州的兽展Furry Weekend Atlanta,被推迟到明年。

从佐治亚州来看,日增病例也呈下降趋势,截至2月20日,有3,274例。但是,情况目前愈演愈烈,该州报告了45例英国新冠变种病例,当地媒体报道,据佐治亚州沿海卫生区主任劳顿-戴维斯博士说,在几个月内,英国变种可能成为佐治亚州和南卡罗来纳州的 “主导菌株”。




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