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Don’t Hug Cacti controversy: Co-owner Lucky Coyote releases video responding to allegations of misconduct

**Note: Qutens is raising money for a legal defence – not for a legal case said in the video.

To recap on the Don’t Hug Cacti controversy: It started in September 2020 when Twitter user Qutens tweeted a document – in it, mostly containing anonymous testimonies claiming DHC co-owner Lucky Coyote engaged in various inappropriate conduct.

This came to a head recently when Qutens claimed DHC sent them (referring to Qutens), a cease and desist letter. Qutens then raised funds for a legal defence. DHC in response threatened legal action against the allegations.

Now until today, in sight of the allegations, Lucky recently released a YouTube video addressing the allegations. According to her, the claims are based of no evidence, and proceeds to reject the allegations, especially those from a “competing fursuit builder” known as “Anonymous Wolf” on the testimony document released by Twitter user Qutens.

Afterwards, in a tweet, Lucky panned the allegations, calling it a cancel mob – and says they are done by people with selfish intent.

Upon release, the video and tweet was broadly criticized on social media, with users calling it a dishonest act by Lucky to avoid responsibility and do damage control. Many also pointed out she did not address the misconduct claims directly, but solely focused on the community’s heated reaction.

But with that, there is presently a growing wave of criticism on the community’s reaction.

While many users called it a “ignorance of victims” and “defence of Lucky’s misbehaviour”, as there is no confirmation of the claims currently, let alone official charges, some criticized the community for gripping on the situation over unverified allegations and even spotlighting on furs who own Don’t Hug Cacti fursuits and products.

GFTV will continue to follow on this story.

Don’t Hug Cacti 争议——其兽装制造商业主之一Lucky Coyote发布视频,对她指控作出回应

现在,来回顾一下兽装制造商Don’t Hug Cacti的争议。它开始于2020年9月,当时推特用户Qutens在推特上发布了一份文件——其中,大部分包含了匿名证词,声称Don’t Hug Cacti的业主之一Lucky Coyote从事了各种不当行为。最近,当Qutens声称DHC向他们(指Qutens)发送了一封停终通知的信件时,兽圈的聚光灯再次指向了此争议。随后,Qutens为可能与Don’t Hug Cacti商进行的法律辩护筹集资金。DHC接下来在回应中威胁要对这些指控采取法律行动。




但随之而来的是,目前兽圈中对其反应的批评声越来越多。尽管不少毛兽们称这是个“对受害者的无知”和“为Lucky的不当行为的辩护”,因为目前这些指控还待核实,更是没有任何控罪的存在,有些毛兽们批评兽圈对未经证实的指控耿耿于怀,甚至还焦点在仅拥有Don’t Hug Cacti制的兽装和产品的毛兽们。



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