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COVID-19 and Furries: Five furcons cancel this week; Fur Out West completes physical event; virtual event updates

First, in view of the local COVID-19 situation, furcons in Europe and the Americas cancelled their editions this year.

  • Due to local conditions, Czech furcon ČeSFuR cancelled their event this year. 
    • However on the original event dates, the hotel venue Skalský Dvůr is offering attendees a discount for individual stays. New dates will be released soon.
    • Right now in Czechia, they are now facing their third wave of the coronavirus, with 9,710 daily cases as of 20 March.
  • To the US, Anthrocon cancelled their physical event this year.
    • Deferred memberships and dealerships from 2020 will once again be shifted into next year; Memberships this year will be cancelled, and as no payment has been processed, there will be no refund given. The new dates for Anthrocon next year is 30 June – 3 July 2022.
    • Right now in Anthrocon’s state, Pennsylvania, cases are relatively constant, with 3,741 daily cases as of 20 March.
  • Fur Reality has cancelled indefinitely due to the pandemic.
    • For attendees who did pre-registration back in 2019, check your email for the next upcoming days, as the furcon will send refund instructions – direct refunds could not be made due to the ‘old age of the transaction,’ according to them.
    • In Fur Reality’s state, Ohio, there is a decreasing trend of daily cases, with 1,483 cases as of 20 March.
  • Further west, Furlandia cancelled their event this year.
    • This came in view of tightening local restrictions.
    • All pre-registered attendees will be refunded.
    • For Furlandia’s state, Oregon, daily cases currently linger between the 200 and 400 mark in the last 14 days, with 274 cases as of 20 March;
  • Lastly, Canadian furcon Fur-Eh cancelled their event this year.
    • For those registered for Fur-Eh! 2020 or 2021, or have requested a rollover to 2021 last year, registrations will be carried over to 2022.
    • For vendors, if you have requested a rollover to 2021 last year, your registrations and table fees will be moved to 2022. If you are a Fur-Eh! 2020 vendor, even if you have requested a refund, there will be a spot guaranteed for you if you are still interested.
    • For both attendees and vendors, you can choose to have either a full refund or donate your fees to the convention.
    • Fur-Eh! says their next event will take place from 14 to 17 July 2022.
    • With that, in Canada, cases are starting to rise, with 3,454 cases as of 20 March.
  • In other news, Biggest Little Fur Con recently announced they will be held in October instead of June.
    • The deferment came as the furcon says it is ‘increasingly apparent’ that circumstances would not be in their favour by June.
    • In BLFC’s state of Nevada, we have 263 daily cases as of 20 March.

And here are online event updates:

  • Furry Weekend Atlanta announced the dates for their virtual event in May, taking place from the 7th to 8th;
  • VR convention Furality Online Xperience released new details on their upcoming virtual event. It is named “Furality Luma”, to take place 4 – 6 June.

Building up on positive news, amid stable COVID-19 conditions locally, Australian furcon Fur Out West became the first convention to successfully hold their physical edition this year. It was held over the weekend from 19 to 21 March.

The furcon says these were done in line with local regulations, and additionally hand sanitizer bottles and a reusable mask were included in every con bag.

Fur Out West has hosted a variety of panels, dance parties and a fursuit walk.

Out of their attendance cap of 170, a total of 165 attendees turned up inside their convention space – 5 did not turn up. The furcon also said there are around 6 to 8 more furries outside the space as well.

The furcon also has donated $12,707.40 AUD (US$9,762.52) to their charity partner Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

A look at Australia’s COVID-19 situation tells us that conditions locally are coping well, with 9 new daily cases as of 20 March.

With that, we have 30 furcons cancelled, 2 deferred, 88 to hold this year and 1 furcon completed. 





  • 不过,在原定的活动日期,活动地点Skalský Dvůr将为与会者们提供个人住宿的折扣。新的日期将很快发布。
  • 看向捷克,他们正面临着新冠病的第三波侵袭,截至3月20日,日增病例已共有9710例。


  • 2020年起被延期的会员和经销商将再次转入明年。
  • 今年的会员资格将被取消,同时由于没有办理付款手续,所以不会给予退款。
  • 下届Anthrocon将在2022年6月30日举办,为期四天,到7月3日。
  • 在其展所在的宾夕法尼亚州,日增病例趋势相对稳定,截至3月20日,已共有3741例。

接下来,Fur Reality近日因疫情而无限期取消。

  • 对于在2019年时做过预登记的参会者,请在接下来的几天里检查你的邮件,兽展将通过其发送退款说明——据他们说,由于“交易日期久远”,他们无法直接退款。
  • 在Fur Reality所在的俄亥俄州,日增病例呈下降趋势,截至3月20日,已共有1483例。


  • 所有预先登记的与会者将被退还。
  • 在Furlandia所在的俄勒冈州中,日增病例过去14天在200到400案例之间徘徊。截至3月20日,已共有274例。


  • 与会者:所有报名参加Fur-Eh! 2020或2021年届活动,或去年已申请转入今年的与会者们的所有门票一律将被转入2022年。
  • 兽展摊主:去年已申请转入今年的摊主们的注册和桌费将继续转入明年。如果还有兴趣,即使已申请退费,2020年申请摊位的摊主们仍能在2022活动中实行工作。
  • 与会者及摊主们可选将门票全额退款或给捐至Fur-Eh!。
  • 在加拿大,病例趋势开始上升,截至3月20日,已共有3454例。

另一个消息是,Biggest Little Fur Con(BLFC)最近宣布他们将不在6月,而在10月举行。据了解,其兽展表示,由于6月期间具有情况不利的可能性的存在,他们最后做出了延续活动的决定。



  • 美国亚特兰州兽展Furry Weekend Atlanta宣布了他们的虚拟活动将在5月7至8日举行。
  • VR兽展Furality Online Xperience公布了他们即将举行的虚拟活动的新消息。其活动被命名为 “Furality Luma”,这将在6月4至6日举行。

看看一些正面新闻,在当地疫情稳定的情况下,澳大利亚的Fur Out West成为了今年首个成功举办实体活动的兽展。其已在3月19至21日的周末举行。


Fur Out West举办了各种小组讨论、舞蹈派对和兽装出行活动。


该展向他们的慈善合作伙伴Kanyana野生动物康复中心(Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre)一共捐赠了12,707.40澳元(9,762.52美元)。




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