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Banned on forgery: Denfur bans furry for encouraging forgery of vaccination cards; more furcons follow suit and invoke ban

As the vaccination drive goes on globally, demand for fake vaccination record cards are on the rise; in one instance being sold online, with prices going from $20 USD a piece to $60 USD per four pieces.

A related case of such happened recently when a Twitter user called @fubarrdog commented under one of Colorado-based furcon Denfur’s tweets, pointing out that templates for vaccine identification cards are available online and encouraged others to use them prior to attending the furcon.

The original tweet has been deleted afterwards.

In response, Denfur has announced that the person in question is formally banned from their events.

Scrutiny over the matter rose sharply as many furries took to social media to express their strong concern over this.

Many other furcons including Biggest Little Fur Con and Midwest FurFest later took attention on this matter and have imposed their own bans as well.






其他包括Biggest Little Fur Con以及Midwest FurFest的兽展收到了消息,最后就跟随了禁令行动。

幻璃 翻译



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