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COVID-19 and Furries: Motor City Fur Con defers to October, PAWAI offers three choices for ticket refund

Two furcon updates coming up for you:

That said, currently, we have 38 furcons cancelled, two deferred, 81 furcons to hold this year and one furcon completed.

Our numbers for Cancelled and On Plan are carrying a plus or minus sign because at the time of publishing, we are still waiting for updates from Golden State Fur Con, which has yet to update their status since their planned dates at the start of April this year.

疫情与兽圈——Motor City Fur Con再推至十月,PAWAI 提供三种退票方式


  • 原计划在四月初举行的美国兽展 Motor City Fur Con,现已推迟至十月份的8~10日。主办方表明,他们基于当前疫情趋势、2021年第四季度的群体免疫的推算,以及美国目前疫苗状况,对开办兽展有着“强烈的希望”。
  • 印尼兽展PAWAI现提供三种退票方式。参展人员可以选择全额退款,或者选择部分退款来帮助主办方应对支付手续费,还可以选择放弃退款,把门票捐赠给主办方。


我们在兽展数目前带上了正负号,因为截止发稿日,我们仍然在等待 Golden State Fur Con的相关信息,鉴于它计划在四月初举办并且尚未更新状态。



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