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Furry Down Under 2021: Nearing 2021 in-person event, health advisories and registration flow dished out

With continued stability on the local COVID-19 situation, Australian furcon Furry Down Under (FurDU) is now set for this weekend. The furcon has recently unveiled their registration procedure for this year’s in-person event to be held at the Mantra On-View Surfers’ Paradise hotel.

Instead of playing Nokia Snake to queue for tickets, attendees will be called in to collect their convention items in batches. Upon arrival to level 2, they must scan the furcon’s registration QR code and wait for a collection notification. Australia’s national COVID-19 check in system, Covidsafe, will have to be done separately.

  • For sponsors and super sponsors, proceed to desk 1 at the Convention Operations room, that is in Paradise 1.
  • Whereas for regular attendees, proceed to Boulevard 3.
  • Attendees with different naming initials will be grouped and assigned to different desks in the room:
    • Letters A – H: DESK 2
    • Letters I – P: DESK 3
    • Letters Q – Z and other characters: DESK 4
  • Now, this is the floor plan for Thursday; on Friday, the desks will all be shifted to the pre-function space outside the rooms during the convention period; then for the rest of the convention, all registrations will be done at the convention operations room (Paradise 1).

FurDU is set to hold this upcoming weekend from 7 to 9 May; when completed, it will become the fourth furcon to complete in-person for 2021 so far.

Edit 5/5/2021 6:55pm UTC+8 – FurDU is the fourth furcon in the world to complete in-person when they are done this upcoming weekend (7-9 May)

  • As of now, OUFC (China), Southern Paws (New Zealand), Fur Out West (Australia) have completed their events.
  • FurDU’s 2021 dates are 7-9 May, not 9-11.

Furry Down Under 2021兽展:线下活动临近,防疫措施与登记流程揭晓

随着当地新冠疫情的稳定,澳洲兽展Furry Down Under(FurDU)本周末即将登陆。最近,主办方揭晓了在Mantra On-View Surfers’ Paradise酒店举行现场活动的登记流程。


  • 对于赞助者,以及超级赞助者,将前往“天堂1号”的1号桌进行登记
  • 对于普通参展人员,将前往“大道3号”进行登记
  • 参展人员将依据姓名首字母进行分组,在不同的桌上进行登记:
    • 字母A – H:2号桌
    • 字母I – P:3号桌
    • 字母Q – Z和其他字符:4号桌
  • 这里是周四场馆的平面图,到了周五,所有桌椅将被挪至会场外。接下来周六周日,所有登记将在“天堂1号”实行。


编辑 2021/5/5 6:55pm UTC+8(新加坡时)——当展会圆满落幕时,FurDU是2021年第四个成功举办的线下兽展,而不是第二。

  • 截至今日,OUFC (中国), Southern Paws (新西兰), Fur Out West (澳大利亚) 已完成了实体展。
  • FurDU 2021展的日期是5月7~9日,而不是9~11日

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