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COVID-19 and Furries: Aurawra changes venue, Furpocalypse defers event

Starting off from Australia, Aurawra has changed their convention venue, after their local government has reserved their convention hotel, the Novotel Sydney International Airport hotel, as a quarantine site for airline staff for a period of time that crosses the furcon’s planned dates end-July.

Novotel Sydney Olympic Park is their new venue, which is an extra 30-minute drive from their original venue. Any hotel rooms booked will automatically be shifted to the new venue.

Towards the US, Furpocalypse, originally planned for October this year, has cancelled their event. They point to continued indoor entertainment restrictions in the state of Connecticut as the reason for the decision. The furcon will be held at their new venue at Crowne Plaza Stamford in October next year.

With that, we have a total of 41 furcons cancelled, 2 deferred, 75 to hold this year and 4 furcons completed.




在美国,原定于在今年十月份开办的Furpocalypse,已经宣布取消。他们指出,康尼狄克州持续的室内娱乐限制法案是取消展会的原因。该兽展将会在明年十月份,斯坦福德Crowne Plaza重新开办。


幻璃 翻译


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