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Spring’s coming meets furry playtime: Russia-based MIR TV reporter had her microphone taken away by a dog

Speaking of furry invasions: outside the fandom, a furry encounter became the star of the internet show globally. For news reporters, reporting outdoors puts them live on the scene and exposes them to what mother nature has to offer.

A Russian news reporter for MIR TV learnt that the furry way when a dog came onto her for a little playtime in the middle of a live broadcast.

The footage has since went viral on the internet globally; yet this is already not the first time the Eurasian broadcaster has got furry on camera. In 2017, the same happened at the studio when a dog invaded the news desk.

Head pats and a handshake eventually ended the encounter on a light note, with the news anchor jokingly concluding: together, the duo had a conversation on the coming of spring to the Russian capital. 






幻璃 翻译



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