The furry invasion: Furries featured on Uber advert; gaining pace to becoming mainstream?

As the fandom continues to shake off misconceptions on its culture, in recent years, furries have been increasingly sighted in the public domain, from furry themes in numerous media, to spotlights at Akinator and just recently, in a commercial.

Argentinian fursuiter, artist and fursuit maker Soledad the Tigon got her three seconds of fame after appearing in an Uber commercial.

“At first, I didn’t like the idea,” Soledad told GFTV, while also pointing out the commercial producer’s ‘insistence’ on the idea to get her on camera, after which she finally gave in.

I was scared of doing or saying anything wrong or bad that could harm the image of the fandom, but at the end everything was fine.

To be honest, I think the commercial was pretty well-made, simple and has a really good message, and with the actual context of the situation we are living with, it was a good idea to show some awareness.

Soledad the Tigon

When asked for opinions on the commercial’s impact on the fandom, Soledad expressed she was unsure, adding that the brief furry moment on-camera is ‘not enough’ to represent the fandom’s environment and send a message saying, “(furries) just exist and don’t bother anyone.”

As long as they don’t want to make us look bad in front of other people as other media have always tried.

Soledad the Tigon

Does this mean furry is getting mainstream: becoming large enough to become commonplace and accepted publicly?

Media featuring anthropomorphic animals; animals with the ability to talk, walk and do things humans does have been increasing over the years, and on top of that more positive media coverage on the fandom, has been commonly cited as proof of such development.

However, this topic is often a subject of debate within the fandom – while some say the mainstreaming of the fandom will increase awareness, decrease misconceptions, and improve the fandom’s reputation;

…the fandom itself is growing in membership … more people are learning about the furry fandom every day and in turn may be attracted and what it has to offer.

…the representation we have in the fandom currently is what helps us grow and let’s others potentially see past the stigma associated with furries.

BetaEtaDelota, YouTuber

Some others say too much exposure can be harmful instead: with some pointing out the negative aspect that the fandom may become commercially exploited, lose appeal and hence retention of community members.

A more negative aspect of the furry fandom being more popular is the potential for companies to steal art and somehow monetize it.

It’s happened a few times already where larger companies take images and photos they find online and make a buck off of it.

Arrkay, host of Culturally F’d

So what does this mean? The fandom may be on track to becoming mainstream, and though optimism is high, prudence has been cautioned.

Additional reporting by Pawsry HTCN.



Soledad the Tigon( 索莱达 ),阿根廷毛毛,艺术家兼兽装师在优步广告中得到了三秒钟的镜头,因此名声大噪。




Soledad the Tigon( 索莱达 )

当被问及该广告对兽圈会造成什么影响时, 索莱达表示她不确定,并补充说,镜头中短暂的福瑞时刻“不足以”代表兽圈的环境,并发出一个信息说:“(兽圈)和平存在,没打扰别人。”


Soledad the Tigon( 索莱达 )



… (兽圈)本身的成员数正在上升。更多的人每天都在了解兽圈,并因此可能被它所提供的东西所吸引。

… 兽圈目前的表现有助于我们成长,并让其他人有可能看到与兽圈关的污名以外的方面。





油管频道Culturally F’d主持人Arrkay


幻璃 翻译

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