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COVID-19 and Furries: OUFC to hold second round in August, Camp Feral cancelled for 2021

  • Since their first event in May, Chinese convention Once Upon A Fur Con, or OUFC, has announced their second consecutive event within this year.

The second event was originally planned for mid-June. However, after receiving feedback from student attendees that the schedule would conflict with their end-term exams, the event was deferred to mid-August, to be held from the 13th to the 15th.

  • To Canada, Camp Feral has cancelled for this year, citing they are ‘not confident’ in being able to safely host this year’s event, in spite of their home province Ontario making good recovery progress since their COVID-19 second wave that peaked mid-April.

The Canadian convention says that priority access will be still given to those who cancelled their registrations back in 2020 next year, or when the event is ‘deemed safe enough to resume’.

With that, for furcons globally, we have 42 cancelled, 2 deferred, 75 to hold this year and 3 completed.

Since China’s Once Upon A Fur Con has a second upcoming edition, it will be put back to ‘On Plan’ until all outstanding events have all completed.

疫情与兽圈——OUFC将在八月再次举行、Camp Feral取消今年活动

  • 中国兽展“有一个兽聚”,简称OUFC,在五月成功首秀。现在,他们宣布今年即将举办第二场活动。


  • 加拿大方面,今年Camp Feral兽展被取消,主办方认为,尽管他们的主办地安大略省已经从4月份的疫情反弹中恢复过来,今年他们“没有信心”安全举办该活动。




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