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Pride in adversity: Furry harassed with LGBT slurs over flying rainbow flag; provocation ends up in flames

With the start of June, or known as Pride Month, one of the ways many members of the LGBT community celebrate the month is to fly the rainbow flag, also called the pride flag.

Recently, a furry called Retro Ushi was at the receiving end of a provocation at Moses Lake in the US state of Washington: while on a family boating trip, another group of boaters reportedly harassed the family because they flew a pride flag.

Occupants on the other boat have reportedly yelled LGBT slurs toward Retro’s family and made offensive gestures, before their boat unexpectedly ended in flames a while later.

The occupants jumped out of their burning boat and were rescued by the family, before the police were contacted.

GFTV has contacted Retro for comment.

The incident has gone viral since its release on Twitter; the original video has amassed over 900,000 views. The video was positively received by the community, with many furs, including Retro, calling it karma.

According to local media, the Grant County Sheriff’s Office has stated the family involved decided to not pursue criminal charges over the incident.

“We respect their expectation to not be publicly named as well as the decision not to pursue criminal charges in this matter. We have privately thanked them for their heroic efforts in rescuing the people who jumped from the burning boat.

“The Grant County Sheriff’s Office does not stand for intolerance of anyone and will investigate those cases accordingly.”

Grant County Sherrif’s Office
Statement first released on KOMO News

In addition, the Washington Post reported that Deputy Kyle Foreman told local newspaper The Spokesman-Review it is ‘not clear’ why the boat caught fire, adding that the boat was eventually towed back to the shore.

The incident ended with Retro continuing their boat trip and tweeting with a video showing two LGBT flags, captioning, “And we’re back at it again! We will not hide our #pride.”



最近,一名兽友Retro Ushi在美国华盛顿莫斯湖进行家庭游船时,遭到另一船人的挑衅,只因Retro的船上悬挂了一面骄傲旗。









此外,据《华盛顿邮报》报道称,副警长凯尔·福尔曼(Kyle Foreman)对当地报纸《发言人评论》说,目前还不清楚渔船起火的原因,并且渔船最终被拖回了岸边。


幻璃 翻译


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