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COVID-19 and Furries: PDFC to hold over New Year, FurMIT moves to 2022, Furstival registrations open

Postponed registrations will be transferred to this year’s event and refunds will not be given; though when another postponement happens, attendees can either choose to transfer again or request a full refund.

The furcon will be held Dec 31, 2021 through Jan 2, 2022.

Attendees can either postpone their tickets to next year or request a full refund, and those who have yet to receive con badges for FurMIT 2020 will receive it by mail by July.

The furcon says more details on next year’s edition will be released on the second week or July.

Registrations have started, which will close on July 10; a lucky draw will be held Sept1, in which two furries would be selected to win attendee tickets to this year’s event.

Furstival will be held Oct 3 through 4.

With that for furry conventions globally, we have 44 cancelled, 2 deferred, 73 to hold this year and 3 furcons completed. 


  • 鉴于当地疫情情况,美国兽展Painted Desert Furcon,即PDFC,将在新年期间举行他们的活动。



  • 台湾兽展FurMIT取消了今年活动。

参会者可以选择将门票推迟到明年,或者要求全额退款,那些尚未收到FurMIT 2020的现场报名参加证的毛兽们将从7月开始通过邮件收到。


  • 中国兽展绒萌阵发布了关于今年活动注册的新细节。






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