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Good Furry Award: YouTuber and fursuiter Cassidy Civet named winner of 2021 award

After four months of nominations, the results are out for the 2021 winners of the Good Furry Award, an award that recognize furries for their outstanding contributions to the fandom.

Furry YouTuber and musician Cassidy Civet, famously known for her appearance on the Eurovision Song Contest, is named award winner for this year.

Nomination testimonials credited the Canadian-Italian furry for her furry music and numerous positive contributions to the community, as well as efforts to improve public understanding towards the furry fandom.

Award follow-ups include Mexican furry artist Paco Panda, Filipino-Mexican furry musician VinceWuff and Swiss fursuiter Kitwana Lion.

好兽奖——油管UP主和音乐家Cassidy Civet被评为2021年奖项得主


毛兽YouTuber和音乐家Cassidy Civet,因在欧洲歌唱大赛中惊现而闻名,被命名为今年的奖项得主。


后续获奖者包括墨西哥毛兽艺术家Paco Panda、菲律宾裔墨西哥音乐兽VinceWuff和瑞士兽装毛毛Kitwana Lion。




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