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Aurawra 2021 postponed as the COVID-19 Delta variant spreads locally

To Australia, Sydney convention Aurawra has postponed their physical event to next year, following cases involving the more contagious COVID-19 Delta variant that is starting to appear locally; the city right now is under a two-week lockdown.

Attendees can choose to get ticket refunds by contacting the furcon’s email, and registrations for this year will be moved over to next year.

The new dates for the convention’s 2022 edition will be announced soon.

Aurawra 2021——由于COVID-19 Delta变体在当地蔓延,澳大利亚的兽展被推迟

在澳大利亚,悉尼兽展Aurawra已经将他们的实体活动推迟到明年,因为涉及到更具传染性的COVID-19 Delta变体的案件开始在当地出现;该市现在正处于两周的封锁状态。




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